Pete Davidson is Playstation-Obsessed in SNL’s Spoof of Eminem’s “Stan”

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Pete Davidson is Playstation-Obsessed in SNL's Spoof of Eminem's "Stan"
Source: Youtube/NBC

Featuring a cameo from the real Slim Shady.

Following a mid-season hiatus, Saturday Night Live returned last night with an eye on the holidays. In what was no doubt the episode’s anchoring sketch, Pete Davidson fittingly starred as a Playstation 5-obsessed “Stu” in a spoof of Eminem’s hyperdramatic video for “Stan.” Compulsively writing unanswered letters to Santa Claus asking for the feverishly-pursued console, Davidson’s dispatches grow in intensity until he’s literally burning photos of St. Nick in effigy. Santa does eventually respond, but the real Slim Shady ends up with the device in a brief cameo towards the end of the bit. The sketch also features Bowen Yang as Elton John (who is equally desperate to get his hands on the console,) and Kate McKinnon, as the distressed mother (who may or may not have been withholding a PS5 the whole time.)

Last night’s outing was the first of three episodes leading to the close of the year. It was hosted by Jason Bateman, whose monologue addressed a near-death experience in his 2004 debut on the show. Country star, Morgan Wallen, finally got a chance to serve as musical guest after being replaced earlier in the season when a video surfaced of the singer partying during the pandemic without any regard for COVID protocols. Wallen also appeared in a Christmas Story-ish skit, where several versions of himself travel back in time to prevent his mishandling of the moment. Wallen was originally scheduled to appear in an episode hosted by comedian Bill Burr, who caught some smoke on social media for a divisive joke about white women hijacking wokeness in his opening monologue. His main dissenters were, you guessed it, white women.

Watch Pete Davidson star in a spoof of Eminem’s “Stan” video below. Head over to Hulu or Peacock to watch the episode in full.

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