“Nobody Likes The Speed Limit, But It’s Necessary”: Katt Williams on “Cancel Culture”

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Katt Williams attends the 2018 Netflix Emmy After-Party at NeueHouse Hollywood on September 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
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Katt Williams dispels the fable of “cancel culture” in a new interview on The Joe Budden Podcast.

The myth of “cancel culture” has been polarizing comedians for years now. But Katt Williams doesn’t appear to be having a tough time with it. In fact, the actor and stand-up legend seems to have a pretty good grip on why holding people with large platforms accountable for saying hurtful, if not downright foul, things is as important as ever in the age of social media. In a recent interview on The Joe Budden Podcast, Williams spoke candidly and clearly about why he’s not at all mad about comedians and celebrities getting “canceled.”

“Nobody likes the out of bounds, but the out of bounds got to be there or you’ll run up in the stands,” the comedian said. “Some of these things are for the benefit of everything. Nobody likes the speed limit, but it’s necessary. Nobody likes the shoulder of the road, but it’s there for a reason,” Williams goes on to note before dispelling the fable of “cancelations” altogether. “Cancelation doesn’t have its own culture. That was people of color. That was us policing our own culture. That was people without a voice being trashed by people just because they had a bigger name than them and more money than them and a better office than them,” the comedian explains. “I don’t know what people got canceled that we wish we had back,” Williams adds as he pivots to what he believes are the tenets of being a comedian in the first place.

“If all that’s gonna happen is we have to be more sensitive in the way that we talk, isn’t that what we want anyway? I’m saying, your job as a comedian is to please the most amount of people with your art,” Williams remarks. “If you want to offend somebody, nobody took those words away from you. ‘Dirty bitch’ ain’t been taken away. You can say that. But don’t call somebody this word when you know this effects all of these people.”

Watch Katt Williams weigh in on “cancel culture” at the 9:00 mark in the video below. Head over to Youtube for the full episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. 

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