Watch Jordan Peele Explain The Eight-Year Process Of Making 'Get Out'
Watch Jordan Peele Explain The Eight-Year Process Of Making 'Get Out'
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Watch Jordan Peele Explain The Eight-Year Process Of Making 'Get Out'

Jordan Peele recently offered the most insightful and in-depth conversation he has done so far surrounding the creation of his directorial film debut Get Out.

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Speaking with film critic Elvis Mitchell at the Film Independent Forum Peele explained how Get Out came to life and the challenges he faced both before and during the production of the movie. Initially, Peele spent five years thinking about the story of the film before ever writing anything down. However, because of the movie's premise — a horror movie about race — Peele believed it would never be made.

"Every white person in this movie is evil, you can't make that movie," he said. "...I can't worry about this movie getting made, I have to worry about writing my favorite movie that doesn't exist."

As the narrative of the story was being crafted Peele looked to social thrillers such as The Stepford Wives and Rosemary's Baby, both of which were inspired by novels from Ira Levin, for inspiration.

"When I looked at these Ira Levin movies, what he did with his stories is brilliant," Peele said. "It's not simple, it's very nuanced and very detailed. He would have something a little weird happen – taking a step toward the eventually, horrific revelation – but he would justify why the character doesn't leave. And the way he justified that was the horror of reality."

"For Chris, he's in this place where everyone is looking at him and we the audience are getting the same feeling as he is – that this is some conspiracy, secret society shit going on and I don't like this," Peele added. "But the reality of the situation is it's not far off from a party I've been to."

The hour-long conversation also speaks on Peele subverting the "white savior" archetype that is usually present in films about race and much more.