Watch The 'Chappelle's Show' Cast's Quarantined Reunion
Watch The 'Chappelle's Show' Cast's Quarantined Reunion
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Watch The 'Chappelle's Show' Cast's Quarantined Reunion

Core members of the iconic sketch show bridged the involuntary distance to aid the workers of an LA comedy institution.

Dave Chappelle, Neal Brennan, Donnell Rawlings, and Bill Burr reunited this week to raise money for The Comedy Store's staff.

Shuttered due to the coronavirus outbreak, the iconic stand-up outpost organized a live-streamed benefit to supplement wages, closing the event with a quarantined reunion of the show's core members via Zoom. The hour-plus catch-up was a nostalgic one, each battling through Rawlings' brimming energy to recount their years performing and touring together, as well as alternate versions of sketches that never made the show.

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But the chat hits a peak when they get to the Charlie Murphy stories, both televised and otherwise, which are countless and consistently feature a seemingly impossible appearance from an A-list entertainer. But even those somehow fall short of Burr recalling the late comedian's frequent viewings of a VHS recording of him knocking out a 14-year-old kid in a karate class.

The benefit also featured beamed in appearances from Whitney Cummings, Chris D'Elia, Joey Diaz, Tim Dillion, and Bobby Lee, earlier in the show.

Watch the full benefit below. Jump to the 2:45:00 mark to watch the show-capping reunion.