Chris Rock Recounts Drinking Mushroom Tea with Dave Chappelle in Ohio

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The comedy legend also discussed structural racism, embracing therapy, divorce, and his role in the new season of Fargo.

Chris Rock covered a lot of ground in his latest interview with The Breakfast Club.

Beaming in from his corner of the internet, the comedy legend was candid and thoughtful in conversation with the radio show’s trio of hosts, wracking his brain to contextualize the urgency of a grueling moment in the country’s history. “America’s gotta figure out: does anything work from the top down?” Rock remarks when asked about the recent ruling in Breonna Taylor’s murder.

Things did take a lighter turn, however. Rock pointed to Dave Chappelle‘s new special, 8:46, as a reference for the type of commentary that feels necessary right now, which offered a logical entry point to glimpse the shenanigans taking place at the comedian’s now-notorious farm. “It’s kind of running like a comedian’s summer camp,” Rock says of the Yellow Springs outpost where Chappelle’s has been hosting intimate stand-up shows.

“The weed’s aplenty, the mushroom’s aplenty,” the comedian notes of the general atmosphere, going on to vaguely recount drinking mushroom tea with Chappelle on the farm. “I just woke up five minutes ago. I can’t even believe I made it here,” Rock said. He goes on to describe what he gleaned from the experience. “You know what man, one thing about COVID and quarantine is you really assess your moods right now. You know what I mean? Like this is halftime. And first of all, great teams, great coaches, make adjustments at halftime. The greats make adjustments and the whack just keep playing the way they were playing. So right now, I’m making adjustments.”

Rock rolled that momentum into discussing his embrace of therapy, his recent divorce, and his role in the fourth season of Fargo, which debuts tonight.

Watch Chris Rock chat with The Breakfast Club below. Tune in to FX tonight at 9pm for the two-episode premiere of Fargo‘s fourth season.

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