Trevor Noah
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Trevor Noah on Chappelle's 'The Closer' Controversy: "the Matter is ... Complex"

In a new episode of 60 Minutes, Trevor Noah spoke about Dave Chappelle's controversial Netflix stand-up special The Closer.

Trevor Noah was recently put in the hot seat on 60 Minutes regarding Dave Chappelle's trans jokes on The CloserThe Daily Show host made an appearance on 60 Minutes to speak about his own career in stand-up, giving an "international dimension" to Comedy Central and opposing perspectives of The Closer.

While resistant of taking a side, 37-year-old Noah spoke with 60 Minutes interviewer Leslie Stahl about Dave Chappelle:

“Did Dave Chappelle cross the line? Yes, no. It immediately puts me in a position where I have to choose a side when I think that the matter is a lot more complex than that. I think everybody is defining the line for themselves," Noah said.

Although Stahl responded that "society defines the line", Noah politely rebuffed her:

“But America is clearly divided in that half of society has gone like, ‘No, Dave Chappelle, we love what you said. We’re sick of wokeness. We’re sick of people being told what to say. We’re sick of not knowing how to use the right pronoun. You’re right, Dave Chappelle.’ So then if half of society is saying Dave Chappelle is right and half of society is saying that he’s wrong, then that means there is no line. It means society is seeing the line from two different sides. And so that’s why I say you cannot say did he cross the line because which side are you looking at the line from defines whether or not he crossed it.”

As conflicting stances on The Closer continues, Chappelle will be a headliner during the inaugural Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival beginning on April 28th. In January, Trevor Noah will return as host during the 63rd Grammy Awards.