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Swizz Beatz Thinks Hip-Hop Legends Should Receive $1 Million Each As "Rapper Reparations"

Swizz also discussed potential matchups for upcoming Verzuz battles.

Swizz Beatz hosted his Zone Radio show on Instagram Live on Tuesday night. Joe Budden joined the Ruff Ryders beatsmith and Verzuz co-creator. The two discussed potential Verzuz battles, and future plans for the platform.

After discussing the possibility of battles with founding artists of the genre, the two proposed an idea to repay rap's pioneers.

"I want to raise a million dollars for each icon who started hip-hop," Swizz said. "From Kool Herc, as well as the likes of Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash, and Sugarhill Gang...we need to be paying taxes to the creators of hip-hop that gave us freedom of speech to go forward."

Budden agreed, naming the idea "rapper reparations."

On Saturday, Nelly and Ludacris will face off in the latest Verzuz battle. The battle starts on Instagram live at 7 PM Eastern time. Beyond that, the two proposed a matchup between two hip-hop titans.

"I want Big Daddy Kane versus Rakim," he said. "Verses only. Verses on verses. No records on records. Live verses. Spitting [acapella]. Bringing the element to music in 2020...we've got enough icons playing music. I just feel something different...that they need to spit that shit, on those beats. And let people understand why we show up today for hip-hop."

Swizz also mentioned that he's currently looking for potential opponents to face off against LL Cool J. Stay tuned for further updates regarding future Verzuz battles.

On Thursday, Swizz and LL Cool J started an Instagram Live conversation to discuss Verzuz, "rapper reparations," and more. LL confirmed that he wouldn't mind contributing to the "Hip-Hop Founders Fund."

"I couldn't be more on board than I am," he said. "I'm so on board I'm in the helm of this shit laying with you. It's that vibe. It's about paying it forward. I learned early on in my career it was about me, but you get humbled and you realize, 'there's a bigger world out there than you...I would 100 percent contribute to that. 100 percent. Because I think it's necessary. It's the right spirit. It's the right heart. It's love. It's evolved.'"

Watch the full conversation on LL's Instagram TV channel.


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