Photo Credit: Falcons

Rotimi's Atlanta Falcons Anthem "Rise Up" Gets Ripped Apart By Social Media

Last week, the Atlanta Falcons premiered their new song "Rise Up" by actor-singer Rotimi, which caught instant backlash on social media.

Atlanta natives are perplexed at actor-singer Rotimisinging new Atlanta Falcons anthem "Rise Up." Last Friday (September 9), the team shared a clip of "Rise Up" featuring the former Power Olurotimi Akinoshoactor, but criticism outweighed the hype song. Rotimi, whose real name is Olurotimi Akinosho, was born in New Jersey to parents of Nigerian decent.

Some pointed out that Akinosho isn't native to Atlanta, even referencing Omeretta The Great song "Sorry Not Sorry."

East Atlanta Love Letter singer 6lack also joined in the commentary on Twitter.

In an 11-minute Instagram rant, T.I. also called out the Atlanta Falcons marketing team for electing to choose the All or Nothing singer.

“We have so much culture, so much talent in the city, man. So many hardcore, die-hard Falcon fans that happen to be A-list talent in the city,” T.I. said.

He continued with naming several artists that could have contributed to the song.

“Who did you call? I know Quavo would’ve did it. I know 2 Chainz would’ve did it. I know Killer Mike would’ve did it. I mean, I would’ve did it. I know Jeezy would’ve did it. N****, bruh, who approved that? Who’s sitting in these meetings?”

After the Atlanta Falcons lost their season opener on Sunday, Rotimi shared a humorous video, jokingly taking the blame for the Dirty Birds losing to the New Orleans Saints 26-27.