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Pete Rock Has Joined Conway The Machine in Going After Funkmaster Flex

Pete Rock and Conway The Machine are beefing online with Funk Flex, who called Pete a "fraud" and Conway a "sorry lyricist."

If you thought the back-and-forth beef between Funk Flex and Conway The Machinewasn't enough, it appears that Pete Rock has been added to the mix. After the legendary DJ and producer expressed that Funk “real artist[s]” his Hot 97 radio show. The feud comes after Conway The Machine recently hopped on Instagram Live and called out New York DJs as being "gatekeepers," including Flex.

"You talk shit like you better than everybody and I believe all threats with real talent in music were removed by plan out the way for that new shit to happen," Rock wrote in a now-deleted comment of Flex's post of Conway's rant. "You a NY nigga treating the other ny artist who put in work like our career is over. You stop playing Wu Tang You play no Griselda nothing, stopped playing a lotta artist then you judge mafuggas and make fun of that fact you control what you want when you on air."

Rock doubled-down on Conway's 'gatekeeping' comment against Flex.

“So much good music out here to be ignored and as a Black dude treating other black talented people like they beneath you," he wrote. "You don’t make beats or rap but you shitted on artist cuz you could and you stopped supporting real hip hop music to cater to whoever got you in their pocket. That’s sucka DJ behavior.”

On Wednesday (June 13), Flex clapped back, berating Rock for criticizing drill music.

“Coming from the guy who shitted on drill!” wrote Flex. “They fired u from WBLS and HOT97 in that order because u lost touch with the music, streets and club! Please remember I’m a fan of your music, love every song u ever made, loves listening to u on the radio and love your bars… @realpeterock u sit in your basement high as hell, out of touch, mad at the new generation… Pal… your career was over the day u stop realizing ‘HIP HOP’ can’t be dictated.”

On Thursday night (July 14), the Hot 97 DJ addressed the beef on-air.

“Do not sleep on the old guys like me,” he said to Conway. “I know how to work that internet, that social media. You’re never going to get me, bro. But I appreciate you cleaning yourself up after I gave you that nice little spanking [laughs]. We’re in a better place. I’m sorry you got Pete Rock as a snitch, but don’t worry, we’ll talk about that shortly.”

“He hurt my feelings at first. I want to really like reel this in a little bit because I considered him a friend. He’s a person who’s a producer, a radio DJ, an artist, a thing of that sort and I’m a huge fan of his music. I was disappointed. I was going to just scrap with him in his comments and then he feels like he wants to take it further and say what a rotten person I am and a DJ and I’m taking payola and everything. So, he wanted to give his opinion of me and now I’m taking my platform to give my opinion on him.”

Catching wind of Flex's comments, Conways uploaded the clip on his Instagram Story with the caption, "“Ok my n**ga! I heard the show, it’s my turn now. I’ll deal wit you in a few. Stay tuned.”