Doom mmfood
Doom mmfood
Source: Rhymesayers Entertainment

MF DOOM's 'Mm..Food' Album Makes the Billboard 200 For the First Time

MF DOOM's streaming numbers continue to surge in his absence.

On Monday's new edition of the Billboard 200 charts arrived, this time with a new appearance from an older project. 17 years after its release, MF DOOM's 2004 album Mm..Food made its first appearance on the charts at No. 199. The trend continues a surge in streaming numbers since DOOM's wife Jasmine announced his passing on New Years' Eve. In the week after the announcement, DOOM's streaming numbers increased by a staggering 870%.

Two weeks ago, owners of the last official DOOM memorabilia released before his death sold their crypto art in a virtual auction, donating a portion of their earnings to the MF DOOM estate. The lucky collectors held special augmented-reality versions of the Masked Villian's trademark.

It remains to be seen whether any unreleased DOOM music will be released posthumously. Two months ago on Pete Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds' Juan Ep is Dead podcast, Peanut Butter Wolf of Stones Throw Records revealed that DOOM sent him 11 songs of the long-awaited Madvillainy sequel back in 2009. However, some of the submitted verses eventually appeared on other projects, or were leaked on YouTube. Wolf revealed that he did get clearance from DOOM's manager Saadiq to compile the completed material into one project, but isn't sure about how he plans to do so.

"DOOM was always telling me 'It's 85% done," he said. "That was the magic number...“I got a little frustrated, and I was just like, you know, ‘It’s gonna happen when it’s gonna happen.’ I don’t wanna be the guy to force creativity or anything."