Experience The Behind-The-Scenes Looks For Dave Chappelle At Radio City
Experience The Behind-The-Scenes Looks For Dave Chappelle At Radio City
Photo Credit: Ginny Suss for Okayplayer

Louis C.K. was a Surprise Guest at Dave Chappelle's Latest Socially Distant Stand-Up Show

The disgraced comedian popped up at Chappelle's Ohio ranch this week.

Dave Chappelle's ongoing series of socially distant stand-up shows have been an almost weekly showcase of comedy's biggest names, with occasional appearances from revered rappers and musicians from the comedian's inner circle. But this week's guest raised some brows. According to Consequence of Sound, Louis C.K. was welcomed to the comedian's Ohio ranch as a surprise guest this week. It's unclear whether he performed, but a still of the night's marquee attendees (including Michelle Wolf, Mo Amer, and DJ Trauma) was captured by photographer, Matthieu Bitton, who has worked closely with Chappelle for years, documenting an impossible life on and off the ranch.

C.K. admitted to sexual misconduct in 2017 after a damning New York Times interview with three of five women who accused the comedian of forcing them to watch him masturbate. The comedian was quick to offer an apology, acknowledging his gross treatment of the accusers in a statement issued shortly after the piece was published. In the weeks following, C.K.'s deals with FX and HBO evaporated and a movie he directed was pulled just ahead of its premiere. But not even that would stop the comedian from performing. C.K. reportedly hit the stage just months after the very public detonation of his career and snuck out an hour-long stand-up special in March of this year.

Secure as any Chappelle set, there's no footage from Tuesday's show. But you can see the full roster of comedians in attendance below via Bitton's Instagram feed. Hold tight for scenes from the next show. Shouldn't be too long now.