Lords Of The Underground’s Dupre ‘Doitall’ Kelly Is Running For Office

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Lords Of The Underground's Dupre 'Doitall' Kelly Is Running For Office
Source; PIX11/WPIX-TV
Lords Of The Underground's Dupre 'Doitall' Kelly Is Running For Office

Source; PIX11/WPIX-TV

Lords of the Underground’s Dupre “Doitall” Kelly is running for an at-large council seat in Newark, New Jersey.

If elected next year, Kelly would be the first platinum-selling hip-hop artist to be elected to public office in a major U.S. city. Speaking with The Undefeated, the rapper not talks about why he decided to engage in politics but what his campaign is going to be about.

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“My decision was made because of my journey through living the hip-hop culture and seeing how it has grown into a culture that influences and inspires the world,” Kelly said in regards to engaging politics. “I decided, why not use it to help my community on an elected-official level?”

“I plan on making a greater investment into our youth by bringing new innovative ideas that will generate revenue through arts and culture that can be used to spur job creation,” Kelly said about his campaign and plans if he were to be elected. “Keep our young people engaged and residents invested into making the quality of life better for everyone in every ward of the great city of Newark, New Jersey.”

“My mission is [to] add on to the great things that are happening in the city of Newark, New Jersey, and help create bigger and better opportunities for the residents, entrepreneurs and local businesses,” Kelly added. “I also will talk to the people of the community in every ward to work on a solution to get residents to come from out of their individual silos, making every neighborhood in the entire city inclusive. When people love their city, they can change it.”

Source: theundefeated.com

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