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Journalist Kevin Powell is Suing the Producers of 'All Eyez On Me'

O.G. hip-hop journalist Kevin Powell is suing the producers and writers of All Eyez on Me, the hit Tupac biopic released last weekend.

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Throughout the '90s, Powell was one of the most revered and well-known hip-hop journalists on the scene. During this time, he did a number of cover stories and profiles on Tupac, including the infamous jailhouse cover story in 1995.

Now Powell, who is the owner of the copyright to these articles, is suing because, he alleges, that All Eyez on Me used portions of his articles in the movie and didn't properlycredit or compensate him.

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Powell released a statement about the case on his Facebook page:

TMZ did some reporting on this, and through their sources, they found out that Powell is asking the judge toblock the film from playing in theaters.