Kanye Claims He Wasn’t Stumped on ‘Kimmel,’ Trump Thanks Him for Continued Support

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Kanye Claims He Wasn't Stumped on 'Kimmel,' Trump Thanks Him for Continued Support

Source: Youtube

 “I wasn’t stumped. I wasn’t given a chance to answer the question.”

Another week, another messy-as-can-be Kanye West interview. And with it, another attempt by the manic polyglot to contextualize his half-baked “lead with love” ramblings.

In the wake of his second instantly-infamous Jimmy Kimmel Live interview (the spoils of which include a lifetime premium account on Pornhub and another round of very public presidential praise,) West was yet again blasted in the court of public opinion for taking too long to answer as to why he thought Trump, or anyone, cared about black people. Many headlines read that he was stumped or went blank when faced with the question.

But West offered his own explanation for the pause, and to be fair, he’s not exactly off-base here (until he gets to the part where he claims Kimmel wearing shoes that he’d been gifted was some loving gesture or, in his words, “an olive branch.”)

In a series of Tweets, West explained:

And while it is true, that Kimmel didn’t offer Kanye the opportunity to respond to a question deemed “so important” it required “time to think.” The question remains, and if it were of any real significance to West, he might have designated one of those tweets for an actual answer.

Watch the full interview below.

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