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Watch This 'Jeopardy' Contestant Confuse Chaka Khan With Shaka Zulu

She still managed to recover and win the show.

A clip from Monday night's episode of Jeopardy has quickly made the rounds on social media. In the clip, Matt Ribel, a speechwriter from Washington, DC, chooses the $2,000 clue for the "The Zulus" category.

The clue featured a picture of African revelers celebrating Shaka Day: "Here, as on each September 24, Zulus celebrate a holiday that was named in honor of this warrior leader of the early 1800s." The holiday commemorates the presumed date of his death in 1828. For the record, in the year 1995, the title Shaka Day was changed to Heritage Day.

Defending champion Sarah Jett Rayburn buzzes in before either of her opponents can answer. However, her guess was just a bit off the mark. "Who is Chaka Khan?" she answered. The instant Alex Trebek informs Rayburn that her answer was incorrect, the embarrassment on her face is obvious.

Ribel would eventually correct the mistake, providing the correct answer of Shaka Zulu. Despite missing that clue, however, Rayburn still held a sizable advantage over her opponents. She still comfortably won Monday's contest. In the last two days, the writer/stay-at-home mom from Hutto, Texas has earned a total of $39,400.

Rayburn will attempt to defend her crown on Tuesday night's episode. She'll face off against Alison Nelson, an elementary school teacher from Oak Park, Illinois, and Mina Le, an ear, nose, and throat surgeon from Montclair, New Jersey.


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