Joe Rogan in a clip from a recent episode of his podcast.
Joe Rogan in a clip from a recent episode of his podcast.
Source: Youtube

Hundreds of Doctors and Scientists Rally Against Joe Rogan for Deliberately Spreading COVID Misinformation

In an open letter to Spotify, a massive group of medical professionals condemn The Joe Rogan Experience for hosting "mass misinformation events."

More than 250 doctors, scientists, nurses, and healthcare professionals are calling on Spotify to establish clear and actionable policies for the spread of misinformation on their platform. And you guessed it, Joe Rogan, the streamer's resident anti-vaxx anti-intellectual, is the source of their frustration.

An open letter signed by a coalition of medical experts condemns Spotify for allowing Rogan's podcast to host "mass misinformation events" with guests who have been removed from other platforms for spreading false claims about COVID-19 and the vaccine treatments for the virus, which promotes a distrust in science and medicine. The letter specifically cites a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that featured Dr. Robert Malone as a guest. Malone has been banned from both Twitter and Youtube for discrediting verified COVID vaccine research and spreading a baseless claim about the American public being "hypnotized" by leaders in media, science, and medicine. Malone is also one of two recent JRE guests who compared COVID policies to the Holocaust. "These actions are not only objectionable and offensive, but also medically and culturally dangerous," the letter reads.

The letter goes on to accuse of Rogan and Spotify of endangering his audience. "The average age of JRE listeners is 24 years old and according to data from Washington State, unvaccinated 12-34 year olds are 12 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID than those who are fully vaccinated," the letter notes.

Rogan's vaccine disinformation campaign has taken on several shades of stupid over the last few months. He's claimed Joe Biden faked getting a booster shot, promoted the use of vaccine alternatives despite FDA warnings, and even explicitly told young people not to get vaccinated if they're "a healthy person."

Meanwhile, Rogan's refusal to get himself vaccinated is actively taking money out of his pocket. The podcast host was forced to cancel a live 4/20 event in Vancouver for failing to meet Canada's COVID protocol for travelers, which is literally just getting the shots.

You can read the full letter to Spotify here.