Hannibal Buress Admits He’s Not (Technically) a Landlord Following Backlash for “Irresponsible” Trolling Attempt

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Hannibal Buress Admits He's Not (Technically) a Landlord Following Backlash for "Irresponsible" Trolling AttemptHannibal Buress Admits He's Not (Technically) a Landlord Following Backlash for "Irresponsible" Trolling Attempt Hannibal Buress sent out a remote transmission to set the record straight following a recent trolling attempt that went off the rails.

In the eight-minute clip, Buress recaps how earlier in the week, a stray comment about Bernie Sanders’ age was twisted into some sort of landlord’s rights advocacy after “20-something white kids” charged him with speaking out against the presidential hopeful due to his stances on real estate pricing and general regulation of egregious wealth.

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For his part, Buress admits he may have gone too far in baiting people who are clearly sensitive to the issue with follow-up tweets of articles he hadn’t even read. He also notes that he’s not (technically) a landlord, referring to a Chicago property he purchased in 2016 that was renovated for new tenants, but was only ever used for his own occasional stays.

He does, however, maintain there’s nothing inherently evil about being a landlord, citing an aunt that owns a two-apartment condo, living in one while renting out the other. Buress caps the clip with “If you want to be mad, be mad with the right information,” asking viewers to research predatory housing practices like blockbusting that have directly targeted communities of color in cities throughout history before attacking someone that “just started making money six years ago.”

Watch Hannibal Buress come clean on the landlord issue in the video below.


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