Did Donald Glover Actually Dress Up As 'Atlanta's' Teddy Perkins For The Emmys?
Did Donald Glover Actually Dress Up As 'Atlanta's' Teddy Perkins For The Emmys?
Source: Twitter

It Seems As If Jay Pharoah Was Dressed Up As Teddy Perkins At The Emmys

Did Donald Glover Actually Dress Up As 'Atlanta's' Teddy Perkins For The Emmys? Source: Twitter

UPDATE: Now it seems as if comedian Jay Pharoah was actually Teddy Perkins.

A source told ET that the Saturday Night Live alum was dressed as the terrifying Atlanta character. Along with that, Pharoah  shared a picture with the Perkins and the Atlanta cast with the following caption: "I'm all for it, phuckin TEDDY PERKINS N THE @atlantafx cast Ayyyyeee! #emmys."

He also posted another picture of himself and Wanda Sykes, where he can be seen wearing a burgundy jacket similar to Perkins'.

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Even though several months have passed since viewers were introduced to Atlanta's Teddy Perkins, chances are the character's unsettling face and overall persona still haunts fans of the show.

Well, Donald Glover — the creative mastermind behind the character, as well as the person who portrayed him — apparently arrived at this year's Emmys dressed up as Perkins just to freak out fans all over again. Or did he?

Although it seems as if Glover wore the costume — Perkins was caught on camera when Bill Hader took the stage to accept an award and then again at the end of his speech — another still from the awards ceremony shows Glover not dressed up as Perkins.

This means he either took off that costume really quickly or someone else was dressed up as the terrifying fictional character. Either way, fans of the show appreciated the cameo, taking to Twitter to talk about it.

"The only thing more intense than Teddy Perkins being in the front row of the Emmys is trying to explain to someone who doesn't watch Atlanta who Teddy Perkins is," one person wrote.

"Wait, Teddy Perkins is in attendance at the Emmys so 'Atlanta' wins the whole ceremony," said another.

Following the awards ceremony, other pictures have popped up that only adds to the mystery of who dressed up as Perkins. In the photo series below, Perkins can be seen alongside Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, and Lakeith Stanfield. There's also another one that shows him alongside Atlanta director Hiro Murai.

And if you thought that maybe Glover's brother, Stephen, might be the one dressed up as Perkins, you're wrong.

Representatives for Atlanta told Vanity Fair they have "no clue" who dressed up as Perkins. So, it looks like we may never know who it actually was.