‘Black-ish’ Creator Set to Co-Write ‘Coming to America’ Sequel, Eddie Murphy Expected to Star

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'Coming to America' Sequel Gets a Director and New Writer
Source: IMDb
'Coming to America' Sequel Gets a Director and New Writer

Source: IMDb

It’s taken almost 30 years, but a Coming of America sequel is coming soon.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Pictures has hired Jonathan Levine, the director of 50/50, to shoot the sequel and Black-ish creator and Girls Trip co-writer Kenya Barris to rewrite the movie. Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, the duo who wrote the 1988 classic, were hired to write the script a couple of months ago.

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Here is the most exciting part: Eddie Murphy, star of the original, will be involved, and is expected to star in the movie. There is still no official deal in place, however.

It’s an interesting turn of events. Back in March, Eddie Murphy’s Twitter tweeted out a photo teasing Coming of America 2. The photo was quickly deleted, but not before the post could be widely circulated.

Later on, Murphy’s daughter Bria debunked the tweet, posting a screengrab of a convo she had with her father where it was clear he didn’t even know he had a Twitter.

Maybe he was just joking?

Source: Hollywood Reporterw

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