Chadwick Boseman Recalls Seeing KKK Rallies While Filming 'Black Panther'

Chadwick Boseman Recalls Seeing KKK Rallies While Filming 'Black Panther'

Chadwick Boseman Was Asked If ‘Black Panther’ Accent Could Carry Film… And This Is What He Said

Photo Credit: Matt Kennedy / Marvel Studios

Chadwick Boseman, the lead star of the already well-received Black Panther film, recently spoke on his encounters with racism as a child, as well as witnessing KKK rallies while filming the forthcoming Marvel movie in Atlanta.

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“When I was shooting Black Panther in Atlanta, I used to drive back on off-days to go see my family in Anderson. It’s about two hours,” Boseman said in an interview with Mr. Porter.

“I would see the Klan holding rallies in a Walmart car park. So it’s like we’re going forwards and backwards at the same time. People don’t want to experience change, they just want to wake up and it’s different. But this — shooting Black Panther and then driving past the Klan — that’s what change feels like.”

The actor then proceeds to talk about his own experiences with racism when he was growing up.

“I know what it’s like to be a kid at an ice-cream shop when some little white kid calls you ‘ni**er’, but your parents tell you to calm down because they know it could blow up,” Boseman said. “We even had trucks try to run us off the road.”

Although Black Panther is already making an impression on those who’ve seen special screening of it, some aren’t as excited to see the film.

An alt-right group by the name of Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys, created an event titled “Give Black Panther a Rotten Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.” The event is in response to the business practices of Disney (who is distributing the movie), with group members accusing the company of planting bad press for DCEU (DC Extended Universe).

Source: Mr. Porter

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