Candace Owens & Don Lemon Respond to Dave Chappelle’s Savage ‘8:46’ Critiques

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Candace Owens and Don Lemon didn’t seem to be too stressed about Dave Chappelle’s ruthless critiques.

On Friday morning, Dave Chappelle dropped a bomb when, out of nowhere, he released a new standup special called 8:46. In the special, which you could watch on YouTube, Chapelle responded to death of the George Floyd and the uprisings happening all over the world. 

In the special, he also went hard at a couple of people: Candace Owens, Don Lemon, and Laura Ingraham. Well, two out of three of those people responded to his critiques. 

Chappelle went after Don Lemon — who had talked down to celebrities for not being more politically active — by resurrecting his famous Ja Rule joke. 

Lemon appeared on CNN’s “New Day” and responded by saying:

“I actually agree with Dave Chappelle. I think that the young people who are out there in the streets don’t really care what we have to say in the establishment.”

Lemon also pointed out that it was ironic that Chappelle’s “special is called 8:46” and that “he’s talking about this issue.” He added, “He’s using his platform to talk about this in the way that he can.”

In a savvy move, Lemon invited Chappelle to come on his program, CNN Tonight.


Owens also didn’t seem to pressed. In the special, Chappelle had harsh words for Ownes, who has publicly said that she was bothered to see Floyd be “held up as a martyr,” considering his criminal record.

Owens, being the troll she really is, seemed to be enjoying the attention. Tweeting that she has “a sense of humor.” She also seemed to be honored that she was mentioned in a Chappelle special.

Girl, we guess.

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