The Dark Knight Lurks in Feudal Era Japan in the First Trailer for 'Batman Ninja'

The Dark Knight Prowls in Feudal Era Japan in the First Trailer for 'Batman Ninja'

A bold new look (and jurisdiction) for The Gotham Knight

A few months back, DC announced that it would entrust Afro Samurai‘s Takashi Okazaki and Kill La Kill‘s Kazuki Nakashima with the art direction of an upcoming anime installation of Batman

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Today, a new trailer for Batman Ninja has arrived, offering the first real glimpse at The Dark Knight in action in feudal era Japan, extending the Wayne legacy back a few hundred centuries. How that plays out from a narrative standpoint remains to be seen, but with a premiere slated for 2018, it won’t be long before all is revealed. The trailer features appearances The Joker, Two Face, G.R.O.D.D. and other iconic villains, as well as trusty sidekicks, Robin and Nightwing.

Watch the new trailer for Batman Ninja above and hold tight for more details on the film’s release as they arrive in the weeks and months ahead.

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