Ron Funches Says Andre 3000 Is Sending Him A Gift For His OutKast Over Beatles Tweet

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Andre 3000 Is Sending Him A Gift For His OutKast Over Beatles Tweet
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The comedian jokingly said he hopes Andre 3000 sends him “a handmade flute that doesn’t work.”

Comedian Ron Funches spoke the truth when he tweeted, “When society admits OutKast is better than The Beatles then we can truly start healing,” a message that ended up causing quite a discussion on the social media platform. Even OutKast themselves (or whoever runs their Twitter account) got involved, with the rap duo’s account retweeting Funches’ tweet. Well, according to the comedian, Andre 3000 is sending him a gift for “telling the truth.”

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Funches said that 3000 reached out to him over the viral tweet. Corden then goes on to ask Funches how the artist reached out to him, to which the comedian turns into a bit, saying that 3000 reached out to him through a messenger owl, with the message reading: “Ron, thank you. The gift is on its way.”

“I hope it’s like a handmade flute that doesn’t work,” Funches said, continuing the bit. “I want a non-functional flute.”

Did 3000 actually reach out to Funches, and is he actually sending the comedian a gift? Who knows? What is known is that Funches still stands by his tweet.

“I believe it,” Funches said when asked if he believes OutKast is better than the Beatles. “What prompted me to write it was just my love of OutKast.”

“It’s not hatred to the Beatles — I think the Beatles are amazing,” he added before speaking on what it is about OutKast that resonates so deeply with him — whether that be helping Atlanta become the epicenter for hip-hop, or jokingly saying Erykah Badu is better than Yoko Ono.

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