This AI-Powered Rapper is an Early Sign of Music’s Dystopian Future

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AI-Powered Rapper FN Meka
Source: TikTok

AI-powered rapper FN Meka has three singles under his belt.

The world of artificial intelligence is equally as awe-inspiring as it can be horrifying. In the past week, it’s gotten even weirder thanks to the entertainment agency Vydia. In collaboration with the virtual streetwear company RTFKT, Vydia has created the first computer-generated rapper, FN Meka.

In a press release, Vydia described Meka’s (imaginary?) label as an entity that “lives in a dimension somewhere between the human world and the virtual world, empowering not only these unique creators, but the teams behind them.”

A video clip of his latest track, “Speed Demon,” has already pulled in over a million likes on TikTok. FN Meka’s account already has over 9 million followers and 114 million likes. His bio reads “robot not accepted by this world.” The music is as generic as you’d expect, and pretty much sounds like a parody of what Generation X thinks modern rap sounds like.

The videos are pretty bizarre. Each video pairs excellent visual editing with blatant product placement. In one video, FN Meka places an Among Us astronaut into a waffle maker, making a waffle which he then drenches in Hidden Valley ranch. Other videos include appearances from brands like Starbucks, PlayStation, Cheetos, and more.


@fnmekaPs5 SuperCar 🐸 Guess How Much it Cost ##ps5 ##supercar ##speeddemon♬ Speed Demon – FN Meka


@fnmekaDogecoin to the Moon 🚀 Did you buy some❓##dogecointothemoon ##doge ##car♬ original sound – FNMeka

“Speed Demon” will be part of an NFT release with RTFKT. The product has yet to be revealed, but the auction will commence on on March 15th.

Stay tuned for further updates on artificial intelligence, non-fungible tokens, TikTok and the world’s first AI-powered rapper.

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