GameOva Upset She's Not Getting Props for #ForTheDChallenge
GameOva Upset She's Not Getting Props for #ForTheDChallenge
Source: YouTube

The Creator of the #ForTheDChallenge is Upset She's Not Getting Her Props

GameOva Upset She's Not Getting Props for #ForTheDChallenge Source: YouTube

Earlier this week, Erykah Badu uploaded the first celebrity #ForTheDChallenge onto her Instagram. 

Since that initial post, we've seen hundreds of people give their own version of the freestyle.

Lost in all of this, however, is who started the #ForTheDChallange: it was an up and coming New Orleans rapper named GameOva REEDY. Back in April, she posted a video for a freestyle called "For That D*ck." And although the beat is different — Badu raps over D4L's "Geeked Up" — it's clear that she got the template for her freestyle from this video.

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And despite the fact that Badu went back and gave credit to REEDY on her initial post, the New Orleans rapper doesn't feel like she is getting the props she's deserved. TMZ reached out to REEDY and she openly spoke about the disappointment she's feeling that she's getting lost in the sauce.

REEDY said:

“I haven’t received no extra benefit from this song whatsoever. Not a single dime. No endorsements. No anything. I’m highly upset because I’m not getting the credit that I deserve. Today was the first day I ever spoke on it. I just kept ignoring it.”

Stuff like this is nothing new. In 2014, a Chicago teen named Peaches Monroe posted a Vine where she called her eyebrows "On Fleek." That phrase was used and abused by celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Ariana Grande. And then there was Tokyo Vanity, who, in 2015, released "Best Friend," a song Young Thug would jack just a couple of months later.

REEDY, most of all, seems to just want credit for starting this (week's) phenomenon:

“I’m loving the fact that the celebrities are doing it. I’m loving that. I just want them to know where it came from. That’s all. I’m not mad at anybody. I’m loving everybody’s challenges. I just want people to know where it came from. It came from me. Obama can do it. Donald Trump can do it. As long as he post, ‘I got this from Reedy,’ [or], ‘Inspired by Reedy.’ I don’t care who do it, just let it be known who did it first.”

Watch the TMZ interview and GameOva "For That D*ck" freestyle below.

Source: TMZ