Kamasi Washington Announces New Album Heaven and Earth
Kamasi Washington Announces New Album Heaven and Earth

Stream Kamasi Washington's Epic New Album 'Heaven and Earth'

Kamasi Washington has finally released his new album

In 2015, jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington became a household name with the release of two albums: The Epic, his critically acclaimed three-disc album, and Kendrick Lamar'sTo Pimp a Butterfly, an LP Kamasi produced on.

Kamasi's profile continuedto grow over the years as he performed at more festivals. Last year he released an EP called Harmony of Difference.

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Now Kamasi is back with the official follow-up to The Epic. CalledHeaven and Earth, the double disc album features Kamasi getting inspiration from a vast number of things, from the video game Street FIghter to the movie Fists of Fury.

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Kamasi spoke to NPR about the difference between this album and the Harmony of Difference EP. The saxophonist said:

Harmony of Difference to me was an opportunity to celebrate one another. And "Fists of Fury" is an opportunity for us to protect one another. If you look up, and you see that all of a sudden the world is really coming down on people with brown hair, I would think the people with black hair would look at that and go, "Well, that could be me and so, I shouldn't stand for that any more than those people with brown hair stand for it."

Stream Kamasi's new album below.