Ric Wilson & Kweku Collins "Sinner"
Ric Wilson & Kweku Collins "Sinner"
Source: Artist

Ric Wilson & Kweku Collins Show What Friendship Looks Like in the "Sinner" Video [Premiere]

Ric Wilson & Kweku Collins "Sinner" Source: Artist

Ric Wilson back with something uplifting

Back in May, 23-year-old rapper Ric Wilson released BANBA, a tight, collection of jazzy raps. One of the standout tracks from the EP was "Sinner:" a warm and reflective song featuring fellow Chicago rapper Kweku Collins, Nick Kosma, and Rane Raps.

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Okayplayer is proud to premiere the video for "Sinner." The video shares the same sunny vibes as the track. It features two friends, played by Vic Musoni and Taivon Jackson, who go on about their day in the Southside of Chicago. Ric and Kweku also make appearances in the video, but the focus is on the boys.

Speaking about the concept behind the video, Ian Mallers and Sean Mallers, from Stripmall Productions said:

The concept behind the video was to show that those who we as a society view as “bad” can be likeable, like meter maids and young kids. The song has a very bright and bouncy feel to it, and we just wanted to make something that felt fun and happy as well. It’s always a pleasure to help a great artist like Ric bring his music to life.

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Watch Ric Wilson's "Sinner" video below. And, if you haven't, check out his excellent BANBA EP here.