Jon Bap's 'Queen Chimera Pt. 1' Is An Ode To New Jack Swing
Jon Bap's 'Queen Chimera Pt. 1' Is An Ode To New Jack Swing
Photo Credit: Alexandra Hulsey

Jon Bap's 'Queen Chimera Pt. 1' Is An Ode To New Jack Swing [Premiere]

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The track comes from Jon Bap's next album, Yesterday's Homily.

Last year, Jon Bap released his debut album What Now? an eclectic exploration into the depths of futurist funk, jazz, and soul, that was a challenging but rewarding listen, Bap's love for odd signatures prominent throughout the 12-track project.

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Judging by "Queen Chimera Pt. 1," Bap's next endeavor will follow in suit not only in complexity but in groove. The track begins like a traditional New Jack Swing song: there are the swinging drums as well as that distinguishable horn noise that sounds like it's coming from an 8-bit car. But Bap provides a new twist by incorporating an odd time signature on the song, 9/8.

"I was listening to the first two Mint Condition albums and a lot of random New Jack Swing-type songs from the early '90s," Bap said. "I was inspired to make my own New Jack Swing-type track but I made it in 9/8." The upbeat strut of "Queen Chimera Pt. 1" sort of compliments its lyrics, which is about human existence. But unlike most songs that address existentialism with anxiety and dread, Bap welcomes the unknown with a wide grin, singing "And with the way it's set up for us/We gon' party 'cause it's never gon' end."

"The word chimera means illusion," Bap said. "Basically the whole song is about existence and how it seems to be the best magic trick ever. Nobody really knows how it's working but when you just sit back and watch the show you can see how amazing it is to exist."

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Yesterday's Homily doesn't have a release date yet. So, you'll just have to keep "Queen Chimera Pt. 1" on loop for the time being.