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Chloe x Halle - Forgive Me (Official Video)
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Chloe X Halle Unveil Highly Anticipated Album 'Ungodly Hour'

Ungodly Hour is Chloe x Halle's second album.

Chloe x Halle are back and they’ve unleashed their highly anticipated album Ungodly Hour. Known by many due to being Parkwood Entertainment signees the duo has captured the attention of R&B heads as their artistry has grown. 

Ungodly Hour was pushed back due to the ongoing protests happening throughout the United States, to be frank, it was worth the wait. In a video shared on social media recently Chloe shared, “In honor of all of the lives lost in police brutality, we felt like it was right to postpone, and fully shine our attention and our work on them.” Halle chimed in and added: “Music has been used for a long time to bring us joy and healing in difficult times like this.” 

The album is experimental but it’s also explicit in the way it proves Chloe and Halle are stepping out of the box fans may have put them in. Throughout the album it becomes apparent the duo is also expressing their sexuality, this is empowering especially for young black women who are hypersexualized in the media time and time again.

Ungodly Hour proves they’ve been working on their sound and aren’t afraid to try new things including production. “Do It” which was the second single to arrive was a fun bop, the accompanying video made it clear their visuals would continue to shape their unique narrative. Two years ago, the soulful sisters with powerhouse voices dropped The Kids Are Alright a reflective release which featured appearances by Kari Faux and Joey Bada$$.

Standout tracks on the album were “Forgive Me,” “Ungodly Hour,” and “Lonely.” “Forgive Me” is a smooth cut and it speaks for itself. “You must got me fucked up” is a vibe. “Ungodly Hour” was produced by Disclosure and it’s also a staple on the album, it pushes forward the notion of wanting someone to love the good and bad parts of you. “Lonely” is an honest and relatable track about feeling that you’re going to be waiting alone for a lifetime. Honorable mentions: “Don’t Make It Harder On Me,” and “Wonder What She Thinks Of Me.”

Chloe and Halle took a page out of a Beyoncé case study, “write what you know” for Ungodly Hour. It’s evident throughout the album that they’re expressing countless grievances including love that has been lost and the issues that arise for young Black women growing up in the digital age. Overall Ungodly Hour is a stunning album. 

Stream Ungodly Hour below.