Young Thug Says Childish Gambino is Working on a New Album
Young Thug Says Childish Gambino is Working on a New Album

Young Thug Confirms that the Next Childish Gambino Album Will Be the Last

There is only more Childish Gambino album left

Last year, Donald Glover announced that his next Childish Gambino album would be his last.

It seems like he's sticking to that plan.

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Young Thug recently appeared on Spotify's "Scrolling In The Deep" segment. It's a segment where Thug went through numerous posts on his Instagram feed.

One of the pictures he commented on was the one you see above: a photo featuring Donald Glover and Thug. Speaking on that photo, Thugger said:

[Childish Gambino] got in touch with Reese LaFlare. I think they cool, friends or whatever. He told him to come to the [studio]. He said he has a song for me for his last album...I tweeted one time, I was like, "I bet I be on Gambino's last album." I'm on his last album, it's crazy. He's really not making music after this.

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Fans who had savvy ears heard Thug's adlibs on Childish Gambino's controversial new song "This is America."

Check out Thug talking about Gambino below.

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