Will Smith
Will Smith
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Will Smith's Reputation Plummeted After Oscars Slap

Four months after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, Q Scores shows that the actor's reputation has been damaged.

Will Smith's star power has plummeted since assaulting Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. According to Q Scores, an online database that tracks the star power and appeal of quantifying celebrities’, Smith's numbers dropped months after slapping Rock during the live awards show telecast.

In the July polling, four months since the Oscars ceremony, Smith's positive Q Score tanked from an exceptional 39 to 24. On the opposing end, his negative Q Score more than doubled from less than 10 to 26. Also affected with Smith's wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, whose positive score went from a 13 to 6 and negative score leapt from 29 to 44.

Rock was unaffected, his positive and negative scores remaining at 20 and 14. On a separate Q Scores survey that ranks a celebrity's level of public awareness, Rock's score jumped from 66 to 84.

Prior to the 2022 Oscars, Smith was ranked amongst the United States' top 5 or 10 most positively rated actors in Q Scores’ semiannual surveys. Listed alongside him on the poll were Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. The surveys are fielded every January and July to 1,800 U.S. consumers ages 6 and up.

Smith last made an apology statement to Rock in late-July in a five-minute video.

Smith returned to Instagram on Friday (August 19) with his first non-apology video since the slap, posting a gag about returning to the social media platform. His followed up with a video of himself and his oldest son Trey encountering a tarantula at a Holiday Inn.

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