AKAI SOLO smiles in the face of chaos in the video for his new single "Ocean Hue Hours"
AKAI SOLO smiles in the face of chaos in the video for his new single "Ocean Hue Hours"
Source: Youtube

AKAI SOLO Unearths a Triumphant Tranquility in "Ocean Hue Hours" [Premiere]

The track appears on the NYC rapper's upcoming Navy Blue-produced album, True Sky.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that relief won't come by way of any external influence. Rather, in the face of perpetual chaos and discord, it appears securing even momentary solace is a practice we'll have to hone almost entirely on our own. And "Ocean Hue Hours," the new single from AKAI SOLO, is both an ode to the happiness hustle and a proof of concept.

Premiering today with a kaleidoscopic visual directed by Duncecap, the track excavates a route to exultant tranquility in personal and collective refinement. Shot in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, the clip follows AKAI & Co. as they post up by an assortment of off-path ponds and greening meadows on a lush late-winter day. "I speak truth to power, a lot of this heart is mine, but spirit involved is ours," AKAI humbly admits on the hook against booming horns and heavy-swung drums. "The calmness of the video represents a calm I always seek, while the triumphant tone of the song is the grit that I feel is required to reach it, no matter what path you choose to walk to meet it," the rapper tells Okayplayer via email.

"Ocean Hue Hours" is the second single from the NYC rapper's upcoming Navy Blue-produced album, True Sky. Announced last month, the project has yet to receive a firm release date, but is expected to drop this month.

Watch AKAI SOLO find peace in the park in the video for "Ocean Hue Hours" below. Pre-order your copy of True Sky on vinyl via Digger's Factory today and jump back to read an account of creating the project with Navy Blue in an exclusive interview with the rapper. Hold tight for his next transmission in the days ahead.

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