Hear RBMA's 'Various Assets' Compilation feat. Thundercat, Just Blaze and More
Hear RBMA's 'Various Assets' Compilation feat. Thundercat, Just Blaze and More
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Thundercat Talks Appearing On New N.E.R.D Album, Being A 'Jeopardy!' Question In New Interview

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Undeniably talented, the virtuosic Thundercat has served as bass player to a number of artists and bands throughout his career, including the one and only Pharrell.

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In a new interview with HipHopDX, Thundercat discussed appearing on Pharrell's rap-rock side project N.E.R.D, contributing to two tracks from the new albumNo_One Ever Really Dies — "Deep Down Body Thurst" and "Voila."

"It was fun," Thundercat said. "Pharrell is and always has been like a beautiful light in the music. He brings excitement to the music like he always has. I'm just happy that he's still out here doing his thing with Chad [Hugo]. It's one of those things that…It's kind of funny because we made a bit of a trade. If he'd appear on my album [Drunk] for me, I'd play bass on his album."

"It was crazy when it happened, too," he continued. "I was in the middle of finishing up my album and he calls me to play bass on it, so I show up to the studio and I remember, I was like if I was ever gonna shoot my shot, this is the moment. I said to him, 'Hey I'd really would love to get a chance to write with you. At first he felt kinda weird about it, but then he opened up a bit. We got a chance to work together in a couple different capacities and now that all the music is out everybody's hearing the N.E.R.D album and then hearing my album, and it's kind of like it came into fruition."

He also discussed how happy he was to be included in a Jeopardy! question. As we previously wrote, the bassist was referenced in a question about Michael McDonald.

"My performance at Coachella was actually a question on Jeopardy!" Thundercat said. "They literally had a question. I'm sitting at home chillin' and it was just like a little reminder of hey man, keep going. The guy got the answer right 'cause the answer was, 'Who is Michael McDonald?' The question was, 'During Thundercat’s 2017 performance at Coachella, who was this Doobie Brother that he brought out?' It's pretty cool. That was a great way to kick the year off."

Also in the interview he talks about his relationship with Erykah Badu ("That's my family right there") and working with Kendrick Lamar ("I try my hardest to keep Kendrick inspired whenever I can to any degree"). You can read the rest of the conversation here.

Source: HipHopDX

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