Woman Snoop Dog Eric Finch
Woman Snoop Dog Eric Finch
Photo Credit: Mat George

So, Who's Going to Tell This Dude's Mom This Isn't Snoop Dogg?

A podcast host tweeted out a photo of his mom with Snoop Dogg. One problem — it most definitely was not Snoop.

If you live in Los Angeles, there's a chance that you might have seen Snoop Dogg in the street or in a car. Or did you?

On Sunday, Mat George, co-host of the She Rates Dogs podcast, tweeted out a photo of his mom with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. In the caption he wrote, "I've been in LA for a year and haven't seen a single celebrity. My mom comes for a weekend and meets Snoop Dogg."

Here is the photo:

There is one problem — this was most definitely not Snoop Dogg. As soon as the photo was tweeted, users pointed out that this was Bizzaro Snoop — not actually Doggystyle Snoop. 

George seemed to be having fun with the response his tweet got:

And after hours and hours of retweets and jokes, Snoop Dogg — the legend himself — posted a pic with the man in the picture.

Wait? So who is this guy? Turns out he is Eric Finch, a 50 something year old from Fontana, California. He is a Snoop Doog impersonator. And he has turned this into a career. According to a MetroUk profile from 2018, fans regularly mob him in the street and people constantly ask him for a photo. He does photoshoots and parties and has been able to charge $2,000 for a quick 15 minute booking. 

He told Metro: 

"It’s natural for me now, if I see someone on the street screaming ‘Snoop’, I shout back ‘What’s Cracking baby’ and other things, then I’ll go back to acting like a fool with my wife and kids."

Before being a Snoop impersonator, Finch spent 20 years in the navy and didn't really listen to the rapper's music. 

So... who's going to tell Mat's mom?

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