RZA Wu Tang ONE Musicfest Day 2
RZA Wu Tang ONE Musicfest Day 2
Photo Credit: Vickey Ford for Okayplayer.com

There's No Other Producer [as] Creatively Diverse as Me:" RZA Talks Gameplan for DJ Premier Battle

RZA discussed his strategy ahead of Saturday's battle.

Even though the Teddy Riley and Babyface Verzuz battle seems to be off the table, there's still a major battle on the table.

On Thursday, Verzuz announced hip-hop superproducers RZA and DJ Premier would square off on Saturday. Today, the Wu-Tang mastermind spoke with Complex's Shawn Setaro about his plans for the upcoming battle.

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RZA's most famous work comes alongside the Wu-Tang Clan, but the battle gives him a chance to show how deep his catalog is. He admitted the technical aspect may be the most challenging.

"I'm going to spend some time going through what I should do," he said. "But the most important thing for me right now is the technical part. DJ Premier's a DJ, he DJs every day. So that's a whole nother thing. I got to get my stretching on quick."

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RZA also discussed his strategy regarding the battle format. The back-and-forth nature makes for some tough choices regarding songs to include.

"When you start thinking about some of my production," he said, "you got to think about the different emotions that they strike, right? I think that's one of my specialties. If you check my stuff, you won't find the same beat twice...I don't think there's no other producer that's been creatively diverse as me. And I think that's gonna be a good energy to share with the hip-hop community."

RZA also revealed that if possible, he'd be dropping unheard collaborations during the battle.

"Is it legal? I mean, if I could," he said. "I got to talk to Swizz to get all the rules and regulations of this shit, yo. But I actually got some ODB stuff that nobody has. I wonder if I could play that shit. I guess there's probably some legalities to this shit."

The battle takes place Saturday night at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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