Oakland Teen Nia Wilson Fatally Stabbed By Man At Train Station
Oakland Teen Nia Wilson Fatally Stabbed By Man At Train Station
Photo Credit: Nia Wilson's family via SFGate

Police Arrest Man Who Fatally Stabbed Oakland Teen Nia Wilson

Photo Credit: Nia Wilson's family via SFGate

UPDATE: John Cowell, the man suspected of fatally stabbing 18-year-old Nia Wilson, has been arrested.

The 27-year-old was arrested about a dozen miles from the Oakland station where the attack took place, according to USA Today.

"This is the first step to achieving justice for Nia and her family," Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Chief Carlos Rojas said at a news conference.

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Oakland R&B singer Kehlani has called for the arrest of the killer whose identity has been discovered.

An Oakland teenager was fatally stabbed in the neck while riding a train Sunday night.

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Nia Wilson, 18, was on the BART with her older sister when a man now identified asJohn Cowell, 27, attacked the sisters. According to a man who witnessed a portion of the attack he said he saw one of the victims bleeding from their neck while Cowell began "poking" the other woman, as reported by SFGate. Following the incident, BART police arrived at the scene and began performing CPR on Wilson. Wilson's older sister was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Wilson had been celebrating her boyfriend's birthday on Sunday. Her boyfriend drowned in a lake two years ago according to Ebony Monroe, a cousin of the sisters.

"She needs her justice…she was just an innocent kid, and she didn't deserve this," Monroe said. "And he did this for no reason."

Oakland R&B singer Kehlani offered her condolences to the sisters and their family in a series of tweets.

"Rest in peace Nia Wilson. praying for your sister to pull through and heal, and for her heart when she does. God bless your family. BART, you have cameras & thousands of passengers daily, you're being held accountable!!! this shit is wild. so young, super heartbreaking...," She tweeted.

" manages to catch riders who haven't paid ticket fair, young graffiti artists, you can catch a murderer. give her family some peace and get a murderous white supremacist off of Oakland streets," she added.

It's unknown if Cowell is actually a white supremacist or not.

Source: SFGate

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