Mister Cee Juan Epstein Peter Rosenberg Radio Square
Mister Cee Juan Epstein Peter Rosenberg Radio Square

Mister Cee Shares Biggie's First Demo Tape, Talks Touring With Big Daddy Kane With Peter Rosenberg & Juan Epstein

Friends and former radio colleagues Mister Cee, Peter Rosenberg and Juan Epstein collided for an hour of conversation, teasing out stories from the early career days of hip-hop legends. Most of those stories came from Cee, who was along for the ride during the late-80s with Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane's tour. Cee explained how the two MCs went from being best friends to bitter rivals during a co-headlining trip around the country with Public Enemy.

"In each city, we would take turns going on before Public Enemy," Cee said. "Slick Rick, he started coming to the shows purposely late...because he wanted to go on after Kane," the ex-Hot97 DJ revealed. From there, things between Kane and The Ruler went left and a weapon came out (thankfully no shots fired), and from that point their years-long legendary feud began.

But the most fascinating moment of Mister Cee's story time centered upon The Notorious B.I.G. Cee played a key role in getting the young Brooklynite's rap career off the ground, and was keen to tell Ep and Rosenberg about how the two met in 1991 through DJ 50 Grand. Grand came to Cee's place with "the famous Biggie demo," which then gets played live on air. Suffice to say it knocks.

Listen to the three men's conversation below (and we recommend skipping 21:00 - 25:00, as their boys' talk gets excessively vulgar), but check the 25 minute mark for some scoops on Rakim. The Slick Rick vs. BDK tidbits begin at roughly 18:00, and the scoop on Bigge can be heard at the 31 minute mark.

Bonus: Listen to an older, albeit still outrageous and informative, conversation between the three radio cats.

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