Little Brother Reunited at the Art of Cool Festival
Little Brother Reunited at the Art of Cool Festival
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Phonte Speaks On Viral Troll Tweet That Compared Him To Drake

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Drake considers Little Brother an influence on his music and has featured Phonte on his early work.

Shortly after the release of Little Brother's latest (and their first in almost 10 years) album, May the Lord Watch, a Twitter user wrote a post about how Phonte sounded like Drake.

The tweet (which seemed to be made in jest) received countless responses, including one from Phonte himself who wrote, "Lol. Kids say the darndest things."

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In a recent interview with The Undefeated, Phonte spoke further about the tweet about it was mentioned, referring to it as "a troll Tweet that went viral."

"He was just being funny," Phonte said before continuing: "But to the larger point, for our music to live on through artists like Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick [Lamar], that's crazy. People will try to put their expectations and issues onto you. People will say, man, that dude stole your style. You need to call him out."

"I just have to tell people constantly, look, I don't want to be these ni**as. I'm good being me," he added.

Drake has spoken on Little Brother's influence on him, mainly early on in his career, as HipHopDX has pointed out. The rap duo was featured on his song "Don't U Have a Man," and Phonte was featured on his song "Think Good Thoughts."

Source: The Undefeated

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