Watch Kid n' Play's Full Episode Of 'Unsung' For A Heaping Dose Of '80s Nostalgia

Watch The Full Episode Of Kid n' Play's 'Unsung'

Amongst hip-hop's most celebrated duos, Kid n' Play hold a very special place in most old school fan's hearts. They've given us the dance, the style, the hits, the movies and, well, all of the feels as champions of the canon's more playful sentiments and as a pair of the 80s' most cherished entertainers. But with all of the house-parting, it's easy to forget that the two Christophers were once a couple of NYC-born-and-raised MCs that were taken under the wing of manager/producer Hurby "Luv Bug" Azur, opening up for Salt-n-Pepa as they began to command the limelight in the mid-to-late '80s. Luckily, TVOne's Unsung is on the case with a full episode devoted to the rise and dissipation of a legendary duo whose mark is still felt heavily in 2015, right down to the near foot-long flat-top fade. Watch as the legend of Kid n' Play comes to life in TVOne's Unsung below.

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