Kendrick Lamar Speaks On 'Molly-Rap'

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Kendrick Lamarrecently sat down with Sway to speak out against rappers promoting the use of Molly, a powdered form of ecstasy compound MDMA. Kendrick's statement reflects  is on the heels of A-Trak issuing an open letter for hip hop artists to slow down on the references to such mind-altering drugs (A-Trak specifically referenced Kendrick's video for "B*tch, Don't Kill My Vibe"--which ends with the phrase "Death To Molly" juxtaposed with a coffin being interred in a grave).

In K. Dot's interview, he says that it's time for the trendsetters among us to stop glamorizing these dangerous drugs because they are "watering down the culture." He didn't name any MC's in particular, but we all have heard mentions of Molly and similar slang endorsed by some of the genre's biggest selling artists. Read the relevant quote below and watch Kendrick Lamar's interview with Sway below to hear more about why it is time for this particular trend to end:

“Sometimes you have the trends that’s not that cool. You may have certain artists portraying these trends and don’t really have that lifestyle and then it gives off the wrong thing. And it becomes kinda corny after a while. When everybody consciously now uses this term or this phrase and putting it in lyrics, it waters the culture down. So it’s really just time to move on. It’s really about keeping hip-hop original and pushing away the corniness in it.”

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