Watch the soothing video for kallitechnis new single synergy premiere
Watch the soothing video for kallitechnis new single synergy premiere
Photo Credit: Soul Over Ego

Watch the Soothing Video for KALLITECHNIS' New Single "Synergy" [Premiere]

Photo Credit: Soul Over Ego

The singer-songwriter is currently gearing up to release her next EP, Technicolo(u)r.

Montreal R&B singer-songwriter KALLITECHNIS arrived on the scene in 2017 with the release of her first single "Talk Talk Talk." What followed was her debut EP [wet paint], this project fully introduced her stunning voice.

Her follow-up, the five-track EP titled CHROMATIC (2019) was introduced with the track "Diamond Baby," an exploration of what it feels like being happily in love. CHROMATIC allowed her to showcase her songwriting skills fused expertly with her versatile vocals that have racked up over a million listens on Spotify alone. Each song on this release is authentic and includes a gentle beat throughout which quite honestly separates her from other artists within the R&B genre.

Ahead of the release of her next project, Technicolo(u)r scheduled to drop this fall we are premiering the video for her latest single "Synergy." The visual directed by Rashad Bedeir is a one-take style video that allows her to be the focus throughout.

In detail, she describes the inspiration behind the single via email:

"'Synergy' is about an undeniable connection between two people. A love that makes sense in the presence of any adversity or chaos. It's a fusion of souls. It's intuitive and unquestionable. It's a feeling we've always known and never want to forget because we're better together."

On the video:

"My creative counterpart and manager, Jarret Mckenzie, came up with the concept of the video. Given the very emotional performance in the recording itself, he very wisely suggested matching that intensity in the visual. We went for a simple yet effective one-take style video shot by our talented friend Rashad Bedeir. The emphasis is on my expression and passion, putting me in a place of vulnerability I had yet to share with the world up until now. You can read my face for feelings. Which is completely true to my nature: I have no poker face and as a viewer, I really think you get to witness the magic I speak of in the song, as the frame shifts from black and white to color in synchronicity with my movement."

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