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JAY-Z Calls Kanye West's Copycat Comments About Just Blaze "Unfair"

JAY-Z had some thoughts about Kanye West's jabs toward Just Blaze.

The social media wearyJAY-Zhopped on Twitter Spaces on Friday, November 5th. He was there to speak on a panel promoting Netflix's new movie, The Harder They Fall. (Jay is a producer on the movie.)

During the panel, JAY-Z was asked about Kanye West's Internet-breaking Drink Champs interview with  N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that premiered on Thursday night. Jay brushed off most of the interview, basically saying that Kanye has the right to his opinions. One thing he did flag, however, is Kanye's comments about Just Blaze. During the interview, Kanye said that Just Blaze copied his style, speaking about the work they both did on JAY-Z’s The Blueprint. Kanye also added “Look where I’m at today and look where he at today.”

Speaking on those comments, Jay said, “The Just Blaze thing was a bit unfair."

He added: "If you're creating an album and the assignment is soul samples everyone is coming with soul. You're trying to make a cohesive piece of music. I don't think anyone is copying off of anyone... The baby was The Blueprint and I think everybody should be prized for what we created." JAY also added that two Just Blaze produced songs, "U Don't know and "Song Cry," were "pillars" on that album.

Earlier on Friday, Just Blaze responded to Kanye's comments. He took the high road, while also defending himself:

“None of what was said tonight regarding me fits with any of our history or our previous interactions,” Just wrote. He also added that he was, "quite happy where I am creatively, with my family, and my life in general.”

Bink! — who was the other major producer on The Blueprint — posted a clip of the interview co-signing Kanye's comments, while adding, "Ye and I crafted that album period! Ye brought his sound and I brought mine!!"

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