Pras Reveals WHY A Fugees Reunion Will 'Never' Happen & Breaks Down Rumors On Lauryn Hill's Lyrics
Source: Hot 97/YouTube

Pras Says The Fugees Were Offered $90 Million To Do A Reunion Tour

According to Pras, neither Lauryn Hill or Wyclef Jean was interested.

Pras took to Hot 97 to talk about a number of different topics including Robert Glasper claiming that Lauryn Hillstole the music for her seminal album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, as well as the possibility of a Fugees reunion ever happening.

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"When the conversation of a Fugees reunion comes up and there's a lot of big offers that come in for touring...raise your hand and say 'Yes, Fugees reunion I'm there, just tell me where to be," Ebro says to Pras.

"No, I don't want no part of that," Pras replies.

He then elaborates on why he'd turn down the possibility of a reunion, saying that "it would be like going back into a rabbit hole" before revealing that the group was offered $90 million to do a 15-month reunion tour.

"I remember a couple years ago somebody come up to me — touring agency or whatever — 'Listen, stop all the bullshit. We got $90 million for you guys. Go on the road for about 15 months," Pras recounts. "...I reach out to [Lauryn and Wyclef] — 'Yo, $90 mil, 15 months, let's go. What y'all wanna do?' They were like 'I don't know.'"

"I was like 'It's all good. You guys will never hear from me again pertaining to The Fugees.'"

Prior to that, the rapper also talked about the claims that Lauryn didn't create the music for Miseducation.

"I don't who [Robert Glasper] is but I've heard about the controversy. I can tell you 1,000 percent she wrote every single lyric on the album," Pras says. "Now, with that being said if we talking about the production that's a whole separate matter."

"I think the way she went about it — she basically felt like 'Y'all was just work for hire,'" he continues. "And that's where I think she made a mistake at."

Watch the interview in its entirety above. The comments about Miseducation happen around the 29:29 mark while the Fugees reunion comments happen at the 38:52 mark.

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