Pras Says The Fugees Being Called The Best Hip-Hop Band Led To Tensions With The Roots
Pras Goes OFF About Haiti, Talks Tupac, Trump, The Fugees And Wave Music!
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Pras Says The Fugees Being Called The Best Hip-Hop Band Led To Tensions With The Roots

A misunderstanding between the two groups almost resulted in a beef.

In a new interview, Pras discusses his relationship with Tupac and the misunderstanding that The Fugees had beef with The Roots.

Speaking to All Hip Hop, Pras explains in the latter topic how tensions with The Roots came about because people called The Fugees the best hip-hop band.

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"We were more like artists and rappers who happen to play instruments but we weren't necessarily a band," Pras said. "The Roots were a band...but there was nothing there. We never said we were the best hip-hop band, we're a group."

"Our main thing was we were MCs, while The Roots was a band that just happened to have an MC in the band, that was Black Thought," Pras added.

Following that, the rapper talks about his relationship with Tupac and how he almost ended up at Quad studios when the late rapper was shot.

Pras recounts how he was with Tupac earlier that day and how Wyclef Jean asked him to come to a studio in New Jersey because Mario Van Peebles wanted them to be on the soundtrack for his film Panther. After taking the call with Jean he then received a call from a friend who warned him not to go to Quad.

"So after that incident, Pac thought maybe I was involved with that whole bulls**t," Pras said, adding that the pair had squashed whatever beef they had but not before Tupac had recorded a song dissing The Fugees. The track Pras is referencing is Tupac's posthumous song "When We Ride On Our Enemies."

Check the full interview above. Pras' comments on The Roots come in around the 11:25 mark while the topic of Tupac happens at the 13:14 mark.