Gop presidential candidates debate national security issues in washington
Gop presidential candidates debate national security issues in washington
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Herman Cain, Who Died From COVID-19, Tweets That the Virus Isn't That Deadly

The Herman Cain Twitter account is still tweeting, despite his death on July 30th.

Herman Cain has somehow managed to make headlines from the great beyond. Over the weekend, the former Republican presidential candidate's Twitter account raised headlines after posting an article that suggested the COVID-19 virus is "not as deadly as the mainstream media first made it out to be." The now-deleted tweet cites an article that claims 94% of people who died from COVID-19 had an underlying condition.

The article comes from the conservative news site Western Journal, which was blacklisted by Apple News for publishing views rejected by the larger scientific community. The site was also blacklisted by Google News for maintaining deceptive business practices.

Cain died on July 30 from the virus after attending a Donald Trump rally in Oklahoma where attendees ignored social distancing guidelines. Before his death, Cain posted numerous tweets against wearing masks and social distancing. The event was under-attended, however, Tulsa health officials have attributed a spike in COVID-19 cases to the event.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently critiqued Donald Trump for not enforcing distancing guidelines or a mask requirement for the Republican National Convention.

"Mr. President," he wrote, "Americans are canceling weddings and holding funerals without family. They're sacrificing so more Americans don't have to die. But instead of leading by example, you hosted a super spreader event on the South Lawn. When will you take the presidency seriously?"

The Cain Gang account deleted the tweet after a sizable amount of backlash.

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