Gary Clark Jr - This Land [Official Music Video]

Watch Gary Clark Jr.'s Powerful and Political New Video for "This Land"

Gary Clark Jr. just released a powerful visual for his new song "This Land."

The song is set to be featured on the famed Texas artist's forthcoming third studio album of the same name, slated to be released on March 1st.

Clark Jr. sat down for an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Apple Music to discuss his inspirations and recording process for the project. He delved into how the song was inspired by the nation's current political climate and opens up about his experiences growing up in Texas.

On the message behind “This Land” he said,

 I'm just basically saying we're here, everybody's here. We all deserve an equal shot and let's get over the bullshit. I grew up in the south, in Austin, Texas. I had a few situations down there with some racism, and some Confederate flags, and people calling me out of their trucks, and all that kind of stuff. It wasn't an everyday thing, but I recently had an incident in my neighborhood with that, in front of my kid. Everything that was going on in November 2017, around that time, just the past couple years have been kind of crazy. Climate's been a little bit wild. I had a track, a beat that I laid down, I didn't have any lyrics over it and it just ... I was just kind of sitting in there and it just came to me. I just went in there and fired off.

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He also talked about the mood and creation of the project, experimenting with new sounds and bringing his vision to life while working with the likes of  Sheila E., Brandon Temple, JJ Johnson, and more.

"I've been experimenting with beats and I kind of got on the MPC with this one and started that way. I wanted to start from the bottom and have that heavy kick and heavy base lines. It was crazy. So, I just fell into it. I put my headphones on and just kind of went to work. I was in California and went back to Texas with like, 25 beats or something like that and just back in the studio and put my guitar over it and grabbed some musicians."

Listen to the full interview below and watch the “This Land” video above.

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