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Black History Month: Zack Fox's Favorite Moments In Atlanta Music History

Photo Credit: Grant Lemons

Comedian, visual artist, and purveyor of modern thought Zack Fox has grown into a cultural documenter of sorts.

The Atlanta native formerly known as Booty Math, suffused his social media bossdom from the pages of Tumblr to the timelines on Twitter, where his reemergence as Zack Fox has been nothing short of laughable and luminary. Now, he's a force on these internet streets — creating and curating memes, acting in Flying Lotus' debut feature film, KUSO, hosting his own Red Bull radio show Bruh with Awful Records, and using social media to harken back to the cultural moments that make millennial history so weirdly paramount.

When Zack Fox talks, yells, tweets, or dabs, we listen. So, it's only right that we continue our final days of Black History Month by asking Zack Fox about his favorite moments in Atlanta music history:

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  • "When Fabo scream sings on the end of 'Tatted Up' [at 3:50]."

  • "When a guy that nobody knows named Rico got his ass beat so bad they made a song about it."

  • "Gucci Mane's infamous twitter rant."

  • "Ying Yang Twins' episode of MTV Cribs."

  • "When Left Eye burned her boyfriend's mansion down."

  • "Before there was SoundCloud there was SoundClick, where you went to find gems like, 'B*tch Get Off My Nuts' by DHB."

  • "When your tee shirt had to go past the knee to be socially acceptable."

  •  "Girbauds (I had this exact pair):"

  • "Bankroll Fresh's tragically short-lived but explosive career."

  • "When OJ da Juiceman wore this:"

Listen to Zack Fox's most recent episode of his Red Bull Radio Show Bruh featuring Thundercat here, and catch new episodes every fourth Friday at 6pm EST.

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