Mixtape monday klim beats dmvu raiza biza lojii mavi more 5
Mixtape monday klim beats dmvu raiza biza lojii mavi more 5
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Mixtape Monday: KLIM Beats, DMVU, Raiza Biza, lojii, MAVI + More

KLIM Beats, DMVU, Raiza Biza, lojii, MAVI and more drop plenty of infectious grooves this Mixtape Monday.

KLIM Beats is up first this week with Dreams of Space, DMVU makes a splash with Praise Be Delusion or… and Raiza Biza spends A Summer In Retrograde. lojii returns with the taurus_EP, MAVI goes to the END OF THE EARTH and QThree drops persevere.

Works On Progress puts on for New Orleans, Bodega Bamz is back with El Camino, Baghead is Dedicated To Those Who, Infinito 2017 makes the cut with Can You Please Use Your Own Mind, BillyTheKid follows with Excursions and Tall Black Guy drops Airplane Mode. Kristoffer Eikrem & Beautiful Disco and Bad Colours close the lineup. Dive in.

KLIM Beats - Dreams of Space

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Kyiv’s KLIM Beats takes “a hazy journey through galaxies in high speed” on the multidimensional album Dreams of Space.

DMVU - Praise Be Delusion or, The Ripple

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Following the 2020 release of Two Pairs Of Eyes… Denver’s own DMVU makes a statement with Praise Be Delusion or, The Ripple.

Raiza Biza - A Summer In Retrograde

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Raiza Biza represents New Zealand with A Summer In Retrograde featuring Hollie Smith, Beau Monga, NXVA, Blaze The Emperor, Mo Muse, and more.

lojii - taurus_EP

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One year after the release of his acclaimed album lo&behold, lojii returns to break some more chains with the airtight taurus_EP.


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Following the 2019 release of his acclaimed album Let The Sun Talk, MAVI is still clutch as of END OF THE EARTH. Shout out to Shel Silverstein.

QThree - persevere

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QThree is back to follow the 2020 release of Deaf Ray and his Unspoken EP with persevere featuring Kid The Great.

Works On Progress - Works On Progress Vol. 1

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New Orleans represents on the indie compilation Works On Progress Vol. 1 featuring Dominic Minix, LB and Cam Smith, AF The Naysayer, Sly Watts, and many more.

Bodega Bamz - El Camino

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Bodega Bamz is back in the driver’s seat with the release of El Camino featuring Jhoni the Voice, Frank Plaza, and Celphi.

Baghead - Dedicated To Those Who

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Baghead explores the intersection of artistry, community, love and revolution on the stacked instrumental/visual album Dedicated To Those Who.

Infinito 2017 - Can You Please Use Your Own Mind

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Infinito 2017 follows the January release of Overcoming… with his latest titled Can You Please Use Your Own Mind.

BillyTheKid - Excursions

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Chicago’s own BillyTheKid drops a solid collection of instrumental joints for your next journey with the release of Excursions.

Tall Black Guy - Airplane Mode

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Tall Black Guy follows one-off singles “Har Hanz” and “Black Is…” with the new album Airplane Mode featuring Bobby Rox, Kenny Keys, Keya Maeesha and more.

Kristoffer Eikrem x Beautiful Disco - Dusk/Dawn

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Kristoffer Eikrem and Beautiful Disco link to make magic on the melodic and dank Dusk/Dawn album featuring Vuyo, Zee, DAHEE and more.

Bad Colours - PINK

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Celebrated producer and selector Bad Colours drops a gem with the release of PINK featuring Jarv Dee and Marcus Harmon.


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