Mixtape Monday: Ol’ Burger Beats x Vuyo, Sal Dulu, Jansport J, Skunkz + More

Karas Lamb Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard…
Photo Credit: Mello music Group

Ol’ Burger Beats x Vuyo, Sal Dulu, Jansport J, Skunkz, and more drop new music this Mixtape Monday.

Ol’ Burger Beats & Vuyo are up first with Dialogue, Sal Dulu is on deck this week with Xompulse, Jansport J returns with Save My Soul II, Skunkz drops Seismograph, and Your Old Droog links with Tha God Fahim again for Tha YOD Fahim.

The Lasso is back in the lineup with 2121, J0eru encourages Mindfulness, Heston Brioche drops a rack of good beats and Fat Ray represents the Bruiser Brigade with Santa Barbara. Jaywop crushes Suede and Billy The Kid closes this week with The Bandit Archives.


Ol’ Burger Beats x Vuyo – Dialogue

Photo Credit: Jakarta Records

Following the 2020 release of All Yours, Ol’ Burger Beats & Vuyo are back to work on their latest collaborative album Dialogue.

Sal Dulu – Xompulse

Photo Credit: Artist

Dublin producer Sal Dulu follows the Koncept Jack$on-assisted single “B” with the Xompulse album featuring Fly Anakin and staHHr.

Jansport J – Save My Soul II

Photo Credit: All Attraction, No Cashin’ Co.

Jansport J is back to follow Amparo and Any Weather with the sequel to his 2011 album Save My Soul titled Save My Soul II.

Skunkz – Seismograph

Photo Credit: Artist

Boston-bred spitter Skunkz follows a handful of videos with the Seismograph EP featuring Vic Spencer and Al.Divino.

Your Old Droog x Tha God Fahim – Tha YOD Fahim

Photo Credit: Mongoloid Banks

Following “Tha Wolf On Wall Street,” Your Old Droog and Tha God Fahim drop the full collaborative album Tha YOD Fahim.

The Lasso – 2121

Photo Credit: Mello music Group

Michigan producer The Lasso returns with the lush 2121 album featuring A. Billi Free, Fat Tony, Namir Blade, Hemlock Ernst, Ill Camille, and more.

J0eru – Mindfulness

Photo Credit: Artist

J0eru follows 2018’s limited-edition Spellbound cassette and the more recent single “Chess” with the full release of Mindfulness.

Heston Brioche – Beehive Blues…

Photo Credit: Artist

Maxing out at 88 bpm’s, producer Heston Brioche serves up a handful of chilled out tracks with the release of BEEHIVE BLUES/CURSOR/SOUL LA DE/REEDS.

Jaywop – Suede

Photo Credit: Artist

Rising Long Beach spitter Jaywop follows his 2019 project 1217 with the Suede EP featuring Deante’ Hitchcock, Jade Amar, Innanet James, and more.

Fat Ray – Santa Barbara

Photo Credit: Artist

Bruiser Brigade’s own Fat Ray drops Santa Barbara featuring Danny Brown and Bruiser Wolf with production from the former as well as Black Milk, Crisfantom, and Raphy.

Billy The Kid – The Bandit Archives

Photo Credit: Artist

Bristol producer Billy The Kid follows the 2018 album Shoot the Breeze and 2020’s Stacks of Artefacts with The Bandit Archives. Something for the heads.

Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She wants to listen to your music. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb.

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