Baby Rose
Baby Rose
Photo Credit: Allen Jiang

Baby Rose Drops New Song "I Won't Tell" Featuring Smino

Baby Rose returns and releases a new video for her single "I Won't Tell." She also announces a new album.

Three years ago Atlanta-based R&B singer Baby Rose revealed her album To Myself, and it left a hard-hitting impression, mainly due to her bold voice. Now, she’s back in her bag with her new single “I Won’t Tell” featuring Smino. It’s a smooth soundscape that’s injected with her riveting vocals. Alongside the single’s release, she dropped a heist-themed video and is also announcing her new album Through and Through, out in April.

Baby Rose on “I Won’t Tell:”

“‘I Won’t Tell’ is a fun record that came out of a sleepless night in Los Angeles jamming with friends. It was 4 AM when we started on it and with our inhibitions gone, a magic surfaced that allowed us to just flow. When I began to write it out, I wanted to embrace my own chaos, my shadows. Then Smino slid into it effortlessly and that’s just what this song is, effortless. He’s one of my favorite artists because he’s authentically him and you can’t pin him down to any box.”

Instead of a typical R&B video, Baby Rose gives us drama! Throughout the visual, she’s robbing storefronts alone but then her girl gang shows up to provide some extra muscle. There’s one moment that sticks out: when she’s set on sticking up a store owner at gunpoint, and a young-ish girl who could’ve been Rose looks on. She runs back to her limo empty-handed feeling crestfallen. This is a unique segway to the sneaky inclusion of another track on the LP “Paranoid.” This track is just as compelling as "I Won't Tell." Her voice has been carrying her since 2019, we doubt that'll change.

Baby Rose’s album Through and Through is out on April 28.

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